Sunday, August 7, 2016

DIY - Jewelry Making Needed Materials

The things depends on what jewelry you want to make. Am trying to show a reference pic of each item, there are more option's with regads to colors, thickness, size etc., depending on your diy.
1. These are essential tools. These come as a set for about $10. You can get these in any craft store or Walmart or similar stores.
 2. These are wire's in different colors and widths, and stretch wire. These can be mainly used for making necklace, bracelets etc.,

 3. These are used for making earrings, the stud kind is used for base of a long earring to hold beads.
 4. These are base to make studs and glue to stick the bead to the stud
 5. These are crimp beads in different colors, you get it differect sizes too, used to hold a bead or a ring BTW the strings.
You need to insert into string and crimp it as needed.
 6. These are hooks of different colors, mostly they come in standard size for this design
 7. Some of my old beads, not so organized, as they fell while I opened the box, so just put it in spaces to take a pic

Nail stamp design 3 - ziz zag pink nails #40